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Flat fall jigs from Drop the Jig are built to last, eye-catching, and affordable.
Flat fall jigs have been one of the most popular offshore jig categories in recent years. Some people consider flat falls to be slow pitch jigs, some call them butterfly jigs, or just “flutter jigs”. Whatever you call them, they work well to put fish in the box.

These flat fall jigs are an excellent option as they’re built tough with quality materials and branded hooks from BKK – an international leader in the category. There is a virtual sea of cheap flat fall jigs on the internet, but most of them have cheap hooks, cheaper hardware, and inferior cord. Drop the Jig didn’t skimp on any of that stuff, while keeping their prices competitive. For now, there’s just the one size, but more sizes and colors are on the way.

How to fish flat fall jigs: Drop your jig down to the bottom of the ocean, then, crank it up roughly 30′ off the bottom, then put your reel back into free spool. Alternatively, you can cast your jig and let it fall while your line is free spooling, wait for the bite, then set your hook and repeat.


White glow


Silver glow

Silver glow 02

Pink silver

Pink glow stripes

Pink glow 02

Light green stripes

Orange glow stripes

Green gold

Green glow

Gold silver

Fluorescent Yellow

Dark blue

Blue Tiger

Blue silver

Blue pink

Blue orange

Blue glow stripes