MLF314 Larger Saltwater Streaker Jig

With its cutting, slashing, darting action, the Streaker Jig is aptly named. Its wild, brash, aggressive moves are perfect for enticing larger saltwater “streakers” such as kingfish, wahoo, tuna, and amberjack to take a swipe. By virtue of its fast-sinking, streamlined design, this jig emits a high-pitched vibe that pulls predators in, and when they commit, they’re met by super-strong and super-sharp BKK assist hooks. Whether you target predators down deep or up in the column, the key to catching fish with the Streaker Jig is simple: work it fast.

Highly aggressive slashing, darting action
Perfect for kingfish, wahoo, tuna, and amberjack
Fast-sinking, streamlined design
Produces a high-pitched vibe
Fitted with strong, sharp BKK assist hooks
Can be fished deep or shallow


200g 178mm
250g 196mm

Color: 3 colors


001 Back


002 back


003 back