TG101 Tungsten Micro Jig

Micro jigging has been reinvigorated with the arrival of the TG101, a tungsten micro jig that gets down deep quick. Ideal for those times when the bite slows or is shut down and a smaller profile baitfish pattern is required, the TG101 has a subtle and enticing action that fish cannot resist. During testing fish have eaten this lure on the drop, on the jig and also when used as a cast and retrieve lure for tuna, tailor and salmon. Tungsten is the ideal material to build a micro jig from as it is much heavier than lead for the same size. This means the TG101 is a much smaller profile than other micro jigs made from lead, simply because tungsten is such a heavy material. Coming unrigged to give the end user all the rigging options.


10g 43mm
18g 52mm
28g 57mm
36g 62mm

Color: 4 colors


001 back


002 BACK


003 BACK


004 BACK